Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Always remember...

Always remember, when God made you He did so with a purpose and a plan. He saw all your days before you lived one of them and placed over you the covering of His protective love. He has allowed nothing to come into your life that has not first been screened through that love. His hand has remained upon you to this very day. He calls you by name. You are His beloved child... the apple of His eye... the delight of His heart. Today you are in the exact place He wants you to be, and tomorrow He will be with you as He has always been - in goodness, in kindness, in faithfulness.

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popuri said...

Hi there,
I was just dropping by to tell you I've delievered a boy! These were the promises I tell him over and over.. amazing experience! Thanks for praying for my safe pregnancy:)I had GBS but God saw me thro it all. PTL!