Friday, March 30, 2012

My car

Me at the car place two weeks ago:
Me: The car is leaking oil
Car place: The cap was just loose, it’s fine
Me: Really? It has been leaking a lot of oil
Car place: Yeah it’s fine

I call the car place yesterday:
Me: I am 99% sure the car is still leaking oil
Car place [not too concerned]: Well I guess you can bring it back in tomorrow if you want

Me at the car place today:
Car place: So there’s a leak in the front engine, it’s leaking quite a bit of oil, do you need the car for the weekend? We don’t want to let it go too long because it might do more damage…
Me: Well if you remember when I brought the car in for an oil change two weeks ago I told you it was leaking oil and y’all assured me it was just a loose cap, and I told you I was actually pretty sure it was more than just a loose cap…
Car place: Oh. That’s right.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


This Gloria Estefan song says "But there's always tomorrow to start over again..." But it doesn't really work like that. I actually feel like tomorrow (or at least the concept of tomorrow) is my worst enemy. I am a chronic procrastinator. Every day when I waste time and don't get anything done, I end the day promising myself that tomorrow will be different, that I'll study tomorrow, be productive, get stuff done, make up for all the time I wasted today. And yet it never happens like that, because the next day I tell myself the same thing. "There's always tomorrow". And I guess there always will be. Except that every tomorrow is exactly like the one before. Which is why I never accomplish anything...