Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Every day of my life is filled with choices, from the moment I wake up in the morning till the time I fall asleep at night...

Do I sleep for 10 more minutes or get up and take a shower?

Do I really want to be on time to class or can I sleep for 15 more minutes?

Do I listen actively during class and take good notes, or do I {chat with my neighbor/text/journal/facebook/email} during class?

What about lunch? The options are practically endless here...bring food (although that choice would have had to be made way earlier, like back when I was deciding how long to sleep in), buy food from the vending machine, go out (alone or with friends), go home and eat, skip lunch altogether...

The afternoon...nap, study, facebook, run errands, clean? Again, endless options.

And then, do I work out or not?

When do I start studying, where do I study, and for how long?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The most productive day in recent history

Today I:
-Slept in
-Took a shower
-Went to church
-Patched 1 1/2 pairs of jeans
-Hung out with a friend
-Studied for 5 hours
-Took out the trash
-Cleaned the cat litter boxes
-Went to the gym
And am still going to bed at a decent hour. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness, part 3

I am thankful for...

The Centennial Complex study rooms.

My physician mentor, Amy.

The older sister that God picked just for me and the wonderful example that she is to me.

The rain.

My anatomy lab group. They are so hilarious and fun.


A fun afternoon and evening with Will.

The best Thanksgiving ever, thanks to the class of 2015.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankfulness, part 2

I am thankful for…

Dr. Lewis. He is the reason that I am here and I love love love his lectures!

A fun study group and knowledgeable classmates.

Getting out of class one hour early (thank you Dr. Wilcox!).

Chris Adair, his amazing ability to explain heart sounds and murmurs, and his willingness to spend time helping me (in the midst of his very busy third year).

Getting to take a nap.

Dr. Oberg giving everyone credit for question #7 (meaning I am now passing embryo!).

A fun PDX cardio lab.

Dr. Shankel (she is so nice and encouraging!).

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thankfulness, part 1

I am thankful for…

An amazing friend who was willing to spend the night at my crazy messy house last night and help me study for exams this morning!

All the absolutely wonderful and amazingly supportive friends I have in med school this year. Best.Class.Ever. (And I seriously thought I would never say that after the Class of ___).

The fact that I am still passing cell structure and function.

Med school friends who are willing to go over stuff multiple times for me.

Being done with exams.

For sleep and good friends to hang out with.

All the babies I got to snuggle in the nursery today.

Dr. Wilcox (and the fact that he just threw out three exam questions, all of which I had gotten wrong, raising my score by 4%).

Getting to snuggle and play with Baby Joseph.