Saturday, March 01, 2008


I'm watching one of my very best friend's 14-month-old baby for the week while she is out of town. Today is day three. The baby is really good...she sleeps 12 hours at night, takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and has only cried maybe twice since I've had her. Today, however, was just one of those days...
We started out with her sneezing an entire mouthful of baby food carrots all over herself, me, the floor, the kitchen cupboard, etc. It was really funny, but still a huge mess to clean up. Then we took a shower together (this was what her mom suggested we do...apparently she doesn't like taking baths). That didn't work so well, but the worst part was after we got out. I was wrapped in a towel, I set her down on the floor, and before I had a chance to put her diaper on, she jumped up and started chasing after my cats, which she loves. And not 30 seconds later, before my very eyes, on my carpeted floor, she pooped! And there was nothing I could do, I was across the room and by the time I grabbed her it was too late. I quickly put on her diaper and cleaned things up before she or one of the cats had time to make a bigger mess...Then, fast-forward to this afternoon. While she was napping, I decided to wash a load of laundry (since there were carrots all over her sleeper). And I locked my laundry room key in the laundry room with all my clothes! Could have been worse, I could have locked my house key in there or something (now that would have been an emergency), and I did manage to get the key out when another lady went in to do her laundry...Then, this evening, I had just folded an entire load of laundry, when someone sweetly unfolded it all for me. ;) And then when she turned around, I noticed that she'd found a pen somewhere and had a streak of black ink across her cheek! Fortunately it wasn't permanant! Now she's fast asleep for the night...babies are so sweet when they're sleeping (and most of the time when they're awake too). :)

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