Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is a vision for your life worth the challenge and discomfort of redesign?

Honestly, right now, I'm not sure. So often, I find myself thinking things like, I want a deeper relationship with God. I want more meaningful relationships with other Christians. I want more purpose and meaning in my life in general. And yet when I actually sit down to make changes in my life, like setting aside more time to spend with God, or making choices for more conscious activities in my life, it is often so much easier not to make these choices, and to just continue doing exactly what I've been doing, living my life exactly the way I have. I guess that is why my life never seems to change. Because I choose for it not to.


Elizabeth said...

I concur and agree. I often say "I really need to spend more time in the word and in devotions" but do I actually set forth the time to do it? Most often not. I will say though, sometimes my days are so long that I barely fall into bed before I am asleep but that doesn't make any excuses for the during the day downtime that I choose reading baby books, or other books for that matter. I hope you find the strength (with God's help) to make your life more fulfilling and spiritual!!

Tasha said...

You are not alone

missykings said...

he's 16! I had him at 19. I seen your comment on my bestfriends page. (Elijah's mom) She's at the Dr. right now. Last night she kept feeling him bump her pelvic bone over and over for a few hours. I pray everything goes well for them this morning.