Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Polly said...

I'm not really sure how I found your blog, but I love your heart because it looks a lot like the heart of Jesus (I think). Yes, I will add this little fellow to my prayers....and you that God would continue to prepare you, mind, body and soul for restarting medical school.....

Full of Grace said...

If this little boy is feeling disconnected by both of his parents, then it is a good thing that you are caring for him when you are able, that way not only are you showing him the love he most likely is missing out on in his life, but also can see Christ's love thru you as he grows..God calls us to care for the fatherless, orphan and widow..I'm sure He also means the child that isn't getting enough love at home either.

I think what you are doing is a good thing- period!

alane said...

Thanks for your prayers, Polly, and thanks for your encouragement Elizabeth.

Kristi said...

Just found you from Lauren and Lillian's blog. You are totally doing the right thing by this little boy. He needs love, you have love to share - that is never ever anything but perfect.

I know it is hard to have to take on someone else's child(ren), but any love you can share with him and any peaceful, "normal" home time you can offer him in your home will benefit him enormously.

Hang in there and good luck with med school. My son is a heart baby and has had many other struggles, we pray in gratitude everyday for his many doctors who saved his life and have taken care of and continue to take care of him. You are going to be one of the good ones! Know, there are many of them out there and you will be adding to their ranks.