Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Excerpt from my Journal

"When I saw the oddly-acting homeless lady in the Starbucks bathroom, my first thought was Oh my! What a strange, crazy lady. But within a minute or two that thought was followed by "But Jesus loves her". I'm ashamed that this wasn't my first thought. When I came out [of the bathroom] I saw her wandering around outside [of Starbucks] and peering in the door, pressing her face to the glass. I almost wished she'd come back in, so I could have another interaction with her, buy her a drink or something, be able to tell her what I know to be so true, that Jesus does indeed love her. Thank you Lord, for letting me see her through your eyes."


Camy Tang said...

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Pat Kirk said...

It's way too late to leave a comment on this, but I just saw it.

Several years ago, I held the door for an elderly woman before I realized she was homeless. After her initial shock, she seemed to grow a little taller, and she smoothed her hair as she went through that door, politely saying "Thank you."

I'm way too quick to judge people by their smell or strange behavior. Maybe a little human dignity is really all they need, not to heal them, but to give them a better day. And we all need those.

Congratulations on your win.