Sunday, September 03, 2006

A tangled web of love

What do you do when you sense the dynamics of a friendship shifting into slightly more than that? What do you do when someone loves you but you just aren't attracted to them like that? What do you do when someone wants to start going out with you and all you want is to remain friends just like you've always been?
My friend Brian likes me...I like him too, but only as a friend. I don't want to hurt him...but I know already that we are not morally, religiously, or even recreationally compatible (we don't even like doing the same things), not to mention the fact that I'm just not attracted to him. But how do I let him know that without hurting him?
Furthermore, how do I set and stick to boundaries when we aren't actually/officially going out?


christabelle said...

Come on girl, honesty, yes honesty is the best policy, tell him the truth thats the best thing you can do for him, let him know you like him very much but as a friend, it might hurt initially but with time he will respect you for that, its beta than making him believe whatever is not true, believe me thats worse, I've seen it happen before and its not good at all. so pls let him know how you feel NOW!

Tell you what I dnt jealous you at All!

popuri said...

hi there...
i remembered those times... ;) its such a sweet thing to be liked, yet bitter to have to reject isn't it? well, i wld have to say that better upfront clarifications than otherwise, else it will really become a tangled web. Right now, pursue friendship. And when you truly find someone you like, going out in groups is still always the best way - boundaries. it guards our heart. all the best ! :)