Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pet peeves...

1. Protecting yourself from the sun. All it took was one skin cancer lecture my first year of med school, and I haven't laid out in the sun since. I cover myself with sunscreen religiously, and encourage anyone I'm with to do the same. And it drives me crazy to see people at the beach laying out in the sun, almost naked and bright red. One in three people will get skin cancer in their lifetime, and having fair skin increases your chances.

2. Motor vehicle safety, i.e. placing your infant in a rear-facing child seat until at least 12 months of age and 20 pounds, and a forward-facing child seat until at least 6 years of age and 60 pounds. Furthermore, don't place your child under 12 years of age in the front seat (air bags kill kids!), and use a child seat with a 5-point harness (not a booster seat with an adult seat belt) until your child is at least 40 pounds.

3. Proofread what you write. Spelling and grammatical errors drive me crazy. (However, I do know that I am not completely exempt from making them occasionally. I am, after all, not completely perfect... ;)

4. Don't waste food. For whatever reason, I can't seem to throw away food until it is obviously too old to eat.

5. Letting your cell phone ring and interrupt church/lectures/conversations/etc.

6. Lateness. I can't stand being late, but I don't mind it as much in others.

7. Eating in front of people without offering the other person some (I mean, that's just plain rude).

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Elizabeth said...

I share some of your pet peeves...#1 I tend to slack about, not because I don't believe in it's importance, usually it's just because I forget!
#2 I am pretty firm about to the chagrin of my 11 yr old who is constantly hoping I will change my mind about letting him sit in the front, even though I won't!

All the others are important too, I will add to the cellphone part though- a pet peeve of mine is that people have their cellphone connected to the ears, even when checking out in the store. There have been a few occasions when my kiddos have called me but it is downright rude to check out while having a complete conversation with someone other than the person helping you!!!