Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today I decided to get my car washed...

But first I had to clean it out...and yes, all of this was it in. And I did say car, not moving van.

Don't let the plethera of kid stuff - the stroller, snuggli, baby formula, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. - fool you, I don't actually have kids, even though I do spend a lot of time with them.

My car looks great now, although I'm still getting used to how well I can see out the windows when I drive. ;-)


Girl Scout Mama said...

Kind of looks like my car on a weekly basis. I have two kids who help contrubute to the mess and Also my Girl Scout Troop. I am a new reader to your blog enjoy, I enjoy reading it.

Elizabeth said...

Boy, your car looks like my minivan! It is SO HARD to keep it uncluttered with 5 kids! I just cleaned mine out as well, so I can enjoy opening the doors without a mountain of toys and sippy cups tumbling out (at least for a day or two) :)