Friday, October 02, 2009

Black and White (Foto Friday)

Visit Rebecca's blog to see other "Black and White" pictures from this week's challenge or to participate in next week's Foto Friday!


Jemit said...

great choices! I love the cat especially- reminds me of our Carlow.

Rebecca said...

Yay! It's good to "see" you!

Lots of fun black and white photos! Gotta ask: is the girl on bottom a friend or did you just go up and ask a stranger to take her picture?

One thing I am *not* good at is just putting myself out there for strangers which is why I am a pest taking pictures of my children all the time....they can't fight me! (or be weirded out for that matter!) hehehe

I like that you chose subjects that were already black and white and never once converted a photo into black and white. That really stood out to me. Great job!

Wendy said...

Really good job...I like the cat!

Devildogwife said...

You found a lot of great black and white subjects. What a fun way to do this challenge. Great job!