Friday, October 09, 2009

Water (Foto Friday)

Visit Rebecca's Blog to see other pictures of water from this week's Foto Friday, or for details on how to participate in next week's challenge!


Rebecca said...

ok stinker. Your comment on my blog made me laugh....but it is totally untrue! I love coming here to see your pictures~they are NOT bad. They are great! And I REALLY admire that you don't let something stop you.

Like last week, for black and white, you didn't know how to convert to black and white in a photo program but you didn't let that stop you. I know A LOT of people who would have skipped out.

For your info: I use a free photo program called Picasa and it has all sorts of FUN things you can do to help your photos of which is, you guessed it, convert to black and white. It is a great way to organize photos on your computer too. Just in case you are interested. Though I warn you~editing photos can become addictive! ;-)

Can't wait to see you next week (I hope?!) Because that little thumbnail just doesn't cut it for me~I like things LARGE! hehehe

Have a great week and thanks for being such a great sport!

Rebecca said...

oh whoops. I meant to say something about the photos and then forgot in all the hubbub.

I was really impressed with the top photo because it was like Water: Incognito. I didn't even realize there was water ON the rocks until I saw sun-in-water-reflections. I think that was a great interpretation.

Bonnie said...

I thought the same thing as Rebecca in the first photo! What sweet chubby little hands and arms in the next 2!

Jemit said...

Beautifully done.. I too was fooled by the picture with the rocks until I looked further.. the baby is darling by the way..

Wendy said...

Oh yes...a sweet chubby baby makes it nicer:) I like how warm it looks in the is chilly here!

Elizabeth said...

I really liked the first one too! It reminds me of a book I have for my kiddos "sunlight on water, water on stones, the brook is a wonderful place" :)

Hillary McFarland said...

How lovely! The stones-under-water are so peaceful and your baby playing--precious!!!