Sunday, October 23, 2011

Multitasking Fail

So yesterday afternoon I was babysitting and *planning* to study during the 7-month-old's long afternoon nap. When he flat out refused to nap, I improvised by studying on the day bed in his room while he played on the floor (I had tried studying on the floor with him but he was way too interested in my embryology book and notes). He was happy as long as I made eye contact and smiled at him every minute or so. All was going well until one of my regularly scheduled eye-contact-smiling moments...I went to look at him and he was gone. And seriously, this kid is barely mobile, not even crawling yet. I jumped up and started frantically looking for him (the room isn't that big!) and, after a few seconds of panic, found him under the bed - not just partway under, all the way under and back by the wall - playing with a surge protector. After I managed to drag him out from under there, I decided to forgo the studying...

The little trouble-maker

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Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...

Kids are amazing!! LOL.. You made me smile =) Miss you friend